Pinchers born by the name of Delroy Thompson 12th of April 1965 in Jamaica is in every sense the true Jamaican entertainer. He was educated at the New Day-Primary and High school in Kingston.

He first got his first taste for Reggae music at an early age from listening to the sound system clashes from the local neighbourhood.
He recorded his first single in 1986. Pinchers first came to England from Jamaican 1985; he had already recorded an album for Blue Trac, alongside Peter Chemist. It was the release of “Abracadabra” that first won him significant attention. In 1987 he achieved a breakthrough with the compelling, “Agony”, produced by King Jammy, as usual a album with the same title followed.

After that he came up with hits for a variety of producers, including Philip “Fatis” Burrell and Red Man (Mass Out). The single to make the breakthrough, however, was “Agony“. It quickly made him a minor celebrity in Jamaica, to the point where he was offered (and accepted) advertising endorsements from a local vineyard.

His other notable hits include “Bandolero” in the 90s, the wild west imagery of which neatly seduced the dancehall audience, whose preoccupation with guns and violence it echoed. The Album of the same name brought him back on top of the Jamaican reggae-scene. However, Pinchers main source of fame continues to centre on sound system “specials”, live appearances at which he excels, and on which he has built a considerable reputation as one of reggae’s emerging stars.


Agony (Live & Love 1987)
Mass Out (Exterminator/RAS 1987)
Lift It Up Again (Exterminator/Vena 1987)
Got To Be Me (Live & Love 1987)
with Frankie Paul Dancehall Duo (RAS 1988)
with Paul Turbo Charge (Super Supreme 1988)
Pinchers With Pliers (Black Scorpio 1988)
Return Of The Don (Supreme 1989)
Pinchers Meets Sanchez (Exterminator 1989)
with Tweetie Bird Two Originals (King Dragon 1990)
Hotter (Blue Mountain 1992)
Dirt Low (Exterminator 1993)
with Paul If You Love Me Girl (Trojan 1995)
Get Close (Artists Only 2002)